igloo cooler with stereo

this is an igloo cooler with 2 6 1/2 inch marine speakers and a 300 watt amp. all powered by a small gel-cell battery. there are LEDs inside the cooler that light up by remote. This was a proto type for some friends to float down the river. Cooler is not intended to hold drinks but is still completely waterproof so it can hold towels sunscreen and cell phones. It has a built in charger the recharges the battery when not in use.


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  1. q14opr8r says:

    the battery lasted about 9 hours…

    and the only other volume control would be the gain on the amp….but thats not worth trying to change all the time. just easier to control everything via ipod.

  2. MGNolaFan says:

    How long will the battery last? Is there any volume control other than on the phone or ipod?

  3. oatman2000 says:

    look at all that extra space!

  4. q14opr8r says:

    you can reach me via email at sandk.lighting@gmail.com

    or check out my website and all my contact info is on there.

  5. 84jbarr says:

    do you make these to sell? if so how do you get in touch with you?

  6. Delray2009 says:

    great build. But for a professional look and retail avalibilty Check out tubintunes com for these type of creations.

  7. q14opr8r says:

    you can use your phone or any mp3 player or i[pd. anything that has a standard headphone jack. from there it goes directly into the amp using r.c.a. cables. there is a speaker at the top and one on the front.

    the amp is a 300 watt 4 channel nitro amp briged to 2 channels. I have a dealer in Cali I get them from. I use these on motorcycles mostly.

    there is also a battery tender inside to charge the battery when not in use. solar pannels can also be used for charging.

  8. snap7738 says:

    i can see the battery, and what i assume is the Amp. and it looks like your playing music off your phone. i see no stereo or anything for the audio to be running thru. What is your phone plugged into for the audio to make it to the speakers. Does it plug directly into the Amp? If so what kind of amp is it and where can i get it? Also what is the third object mounted to the front of the cooler??

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