Igloo fan motor Bedini.ASF

This is a small Bedini SSG “fan” type energizer made from the 12 volt brushless fan motor used on an Igloo thermoelectric cooler. The original motor circuit was removed and replaced by a standard Bedini SSG . This not only allowed the motor to run on less voltage but also turned it into a backspike charger A neo ring magnet was also mounted on the motor shaft at the rear and drives my “Maggie” generator remotely. There are other Bedini “fan” type energizer videos here on youtube to study. Imhotep has a very good “How To” series on how to build one.
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  1. rwg42985 says:

    Some fine work! Thanks for sharing! Happy new year! When you get a chance come
    On over and check out the adventures in my world! Keep it up! maggy loves those magnets! thanks ~Russ

  2. tectalabyss says:

    @Lidmotor Well there you go that’s why we haven’t got there yet. I learned a long time ago sometimes the letter’s after a name don’t mean a thing when it come to good old common since. : ) Thanks Tec

  3. Lidmotor says:

    @slinky460 —Happy New Year. Lets hope for a good one.

  4. Lidmotor says:

    @marthale7 —-Happy New Year Mart!!! Yeah those tiny thin wires on these fan motors are really hard to work with. I spent the better part of a day just taking this thing apart and rewiring it. I used up part of another day trying to get it to run on different circuits. The Bedini SSG circuit was the only one that worked. A Jt circuit would go into self-oscillation but the motor wouldn’t run.

  5. mikepowers420 says:

    @Lidmotor , let me send you some plans on a bifilar Star-Challis. The coil ends up looking like a cup. When it’s pulsed, the field is very strong. They are easy and fast to wrap. Do a search here on youtube for Star-Challis and check out some of the vids my friends have done. Russ spun up a neo super fast. My vid on how to make them is easy to understand. If you are looking to make a pole biased coil, I show how to make 2 different kinds on the same vid.
    Peace and Happy New Year.

  6. Lidmotor says:

    @tectalabyss —–Thanks. If I worked for NASA I would just be sweeping the floor—-I don’t have enough Phds, EEs or other BSs attached to my name.

  7. Lidmotor says:

    @mikepowers420 —–Building one of those “star” coils in on my to do list . Happy New Year!!

  8. Lidmotor says:

    @theENERGYDREAM —–The real protection bulb is the orange neon that keeps the transistor from being zapped by the coil backspike. It is attached between the E and C of the transistor. The white bulb is a 1 1/2 volt filament bulb that is in series with the base resistor and acts like an indicator of current but will also pull off too much energy there in the form of light and heat. These are standard items on the classic Bedini SSG circuit. You can run without them but they help.

  9. Lidmotor says:

    @Shanjaq ——This is running on a TIP31A. Thank you for the info on the other transistors. I did try this using other NPNs and they all worked. This TIP31A seemed to work the best. The heat sink on the transistor was already there from another project so I left it on. Nothing gets hot on this circuit though. In fact it is running stone cold. Hummm. That is a good sign.

  10. Lidmotor says:

    @min2oly- John and I have been in communication and much of my recent work is inspired by what he has done. His small Bedini/ Cole window motor is a masterpiece. Really a work of art. His copy machine Bedini SSG is similar to what I showed in this video. Both are backspike chargers. I did try this with other transistors and it worked. At 12 volts the neon put out PURPLE arcs inside it and I though that it would explode.

  11. min2oly says:

    Hey there Lidmotor,
    have you seen Dadhav’s vid where he reconfigures a motor from a printer? he re-did the magnet arrangement, and turned that baby into a magneto charger. I wonder what would happen, since you have two. place them back to back. use halls. you’re soo close on that one. might also use a more robust trany if you move up to 12 volts.

  12. Shanjaq says:

    (or the neon, if available)

  13. Shanjaq says:

    is that a TIP31, TIP31A, TIP31B or TIP31C? They have a Vceo of 40, 60, 80 and 100, respectively. If the Vceo value is exceeded in your charge cap, the transistor will be unable to “push” any more charge past the diode and will begin to rapidly(depending on the inductance involved) heat up as the transients find a more favorable route to discharge inside the transistor.

  14. slinky460 says:

    Interesting as always Lid, Happy New Year, Slinky.

  15. theENERGYDREAM says:

    Where did you connect the transistor protection bulb ?

  16. mikepowers420 says:

    Great looking motor Lid.
    I sure wish you would try my Star-Challis coil in one of your projects. The mag-field it produces is wild, and very strong for the amount of wire it uses. Way stronger than the Bedini pulse coils.
    Peace and Happy New Year.

  17. tectalabyss says:

    Wow Lidmotor If you worked at NASA We would have already Landed on Mar’s!!! You never fail to amaze me. Thanks for sharing. Tec

  18. marthale7 says:

    Nice! well done. I hated the small wires soldering when I did my first few fans, but it sure is awesome to see the finished working product :-)

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